Weiden Jonathan, CPA (ISR)




Jonathan Weiden, Accountant
Office 338, floor 3
Ha'taas 20
Kfar Saba


מועצת רואי חשבון בישראל

Our Firm

I am a certified accountant with over 15 years experience in private company auditing. I acquired my experience in two firms, one small and professional, the other the 7th largest accounting firm in Israel. We work in a highly organized and effective fashion, allowing for high availability and aspiring to preserve our high professionalism.

Bookkeeping & Salaries

Our office provides bookkeeping and accounting services, as well payroll services to companies and self-employed individuals. We are able to provide monthly reports in English, as well as a dedicated English-speaking bookkeeper.

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Private Companies

The firm provides auditing services for privately-owned companies. The services include balance sheet preparation, proforma reports, interim statements, tax reports, amortization calculations and more.

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Tax Consultant Services

The firm provides extra services for tax consultants who represent incorporated companies and foundations. The firm works with tax consultants throughout the country and ensures that all the work and examinations are done with their full coordination. The services include fincancial statements with auditor's opinion, various reports, CPA approvals and more.

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Bookkeeping and payroll | Financial statements preparation | Tax reports | Auditor's opinion